A bad day with a happy ending

Today started really well and tailed off badly at lunchtime. I went out to meet a friend for lunch and we were sitting in a little roadside cafe minding our own business. As it was such a lovely day we moved outside and sat at a roadside table. It’s lovely there because the sun hits the pavement in the afternoons, making it quite warm, and as it’s quiet little road, there’s hardly any traffic or people around so It’s really peaceful unlovely.

But today was horrible, as we were sitting at the table somebody grabbed my phone. I didn’t really see what happened, I just saw this man with a hood up walk past, then snatch the phone and ran off up the road. Before we can react he was quite a way way and then he turned a corner and disappeared. I called the police, but there was nothing they could do once they arrived, there was no CCTV in the area and no witnesses. So all I could do was cancel the phone, get it blocked and get a new one sorted out as a replacement.

So that was a horrible day. I got home I was quite down about it really. I was a bit shocked that it happened in daylight and that there was nothing I could do. It wasn’t really the theft of a phone that worried me, rather the fact that it was so blatant.

Anyway, when I got home there was some better news. My friend emailed me to say that one of the online translation services I use has produced a really good copy of the article I wanted translated in Portuguese.

So this evening I uploaded all my website sales copy to the service and hopefully within a few days I have the first copies back in foreign languages. What I’m doing is using a detection script so that the site will automatically load in the native language when they visit. If they are not using a local IP address then the site will offer them options to choose a language.

I’m really pleased that finally the multilanguage version my site can be up and running, and that I appear to have found a reliable, cost effective and accurate translation service to use.

So is really a case today of a horrible day with a happy ending.