The translated articles are all in for comparison

I previously mentioned how I had tested three online translation services to see how they dealt with translating an article for me into Portuguese.

I wanted to compare the finished versions against each other to see how they match up. I then want to give them to my friend who is Portuguese to see which the best real-world translation is, so I can make an informed decision on which service provides the best translators.

It turns out that translate shark did the best overall translation of all the online services I tried. That’s not a recommendation really, it’s just a fact based on my own testing, and I always say do your own testing them.

But anyway, that means I have my service and now I can get my main sales copy for the website translated and then get the multilanguage versions up and running. I will then get them to do shopping item descriptions and also translate social media post as well, so that I have a complete suite of stuff I can launch the business with.

It’s been an interesting exercise and it just goes to show how great this online global economy is, it allows you to do so much that even 10 years ago would have cost literally thousands taken weeks to get organised locally.

In other news, the dining room has finally been painted, it took four days in the end but it looks really good. We have a friend who is good at that sort of thing coming in to lay a wooden laminate floor and then we have a new dining room table going in as well, so that’s really exciting and then we will have to entertain some friends so that we can start making use of all that hard work and money spent.

Anyway, that’s enough talk from me today, I have to get on, I have a bit more time before I get my head down to the night and I want to go and spend it with my wife who I have been sadly neglecting over the past couple of weeks because I’m trying to get this online business up and running. I know she understands, but once in a while I think I have to sacrifice that to show that she is my priority.