Painting and decorating is interfering with my business plans

It’s really frustrating when life gets in the way of your best laid plans. But unfortunately I’ve been putting off painting and decorating in various parts of our house for several years now and it’s got to the point where it just has to be done because it looks so dirty and dated.

My wife has been nagging me for ages to do it and I can’t justifiably sit and spend all my time working out how to get my niche online business up and running. I have spent a lot of time getting the website set up, and am currently in the middle of trying to decide which online translation service I should be using to do all my multi language copies of the website. It’s a tough thing to do, it’s a big job and it has to be done right so I’m looking for a translation service that fits the bill.

But anyway, I had to take a break from that a bit to start doing the work. I starting in dining room, and cleared that out earlier today. I then pulled up the carpet because we are having a wooden floor put down, and then I prepped up the surfaces ready to paint.

It took me several hours and I’m fed up with it already, and I haven’t even opened a tin of paint yet. Tomorrow I will get on with getting two coats of emulsion on the ceiling and the first coat on the walls. Then I will do the second coat on the walls, and the first coat of woodwork paint, then finish off. So I’m looking at three days worth of work, although it should not take a complete day each time, but with the speed I paint because I get so bored in may well do.

I’m a bit frustrated, but I’m hoping that I will get breaks where I can strip of my overalls and go and get on with some work on my site. I’m bit worried that my online business is starting to get delayed, and that could mean a gap in income. But that may not be a problem if I can get my act together soon.