A wasted night with a missing dog

This is one of those wonderful little stories which makes you laugh after it has happened but when it’s actually going on and think how ridiculous life can be and wish it would stop immediately.

I spent the best part of the afternoon writing content for my new online business. I’m also testing online translation services with a piece of writing I have done to see who does the best job for the best price. I am trying three translation services as I have researched those and they seem to be offering the best quality of service from me. What I’m hoping to happen is that the chosen service will then do all of my translation work for the new website.

But after I had been submitting the writing to the online translation services I’m considering using, I thought I would take the dog for a walk in the park. I wife was working late and the kids were out for the night so I thought I would do it.

While I was in the park the dog chased off after another dog and they both ran into the woods that border the park. The other dog came out but mine didn’t. After about half an hour of calling, it started to get dark and I wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily I had a torch my pocket, so I just had to patrol the edge of the woods calling the dog and try to see it.

About an hour later the dog came up to me from a completely different direction. I think it had gone straight through the woods, circled round the park and then heard me and come in through the gates again. It was ridiculous situation which took up most of the evening, and I was freezing cold by the time we got home. My wife and children were there, I had text them, but they laughed at what a stupid story it was.

Anyway, it was a happy ending because the dog was safe. I ran out of time to do any more work on my site, but I have had the first of the translation services responses back, so I will have a look at the quality of the translation tomorrow, and then work from there.