Online translation could be key to my new business

I don’t really want to go into too much detail about the online business I’m thinking of making. I think all I will say as an outline, because this is just a sound blog for me to sound out ideas I’m having, and document my progress, is that it is a small, specialist global retail site.

What I’m selling will appeal to anyone, anywhere. Which means I have two tap into that global market, which means I have to think about the language barrier.

I have been looking at options to create my website so that it delivers product descriptions, blog content and everything else, in the language of the person visiting it.

One of the big problems I’ve been encountering is the cost and reliability of getting my English language text translated reliably. I have been looking at translation services, specifically I’ve been looking at finding a very reliable online translation service that I can use for the long term.

Just in case you are wondering what on earth I am talking about, I’m talking about an online translation service like, where you submit text in your own language and a foreign language version is given back to.

I have tried the free options out there, like Google translate, but they are just not that good, because they literally translate the text, rather than altering it to read fluently. So I need something that involves human translators.

I looked at freelancing sites, but again, the problem is if I’m translating it into 10 languages, that means reliable translation of 10 different lots of text, using 10 different people, it would take forever. So I’m thinking that something like a translation service where you submit the text and they do all the work could be the best option, if slightly more expensive. At least I will be getting what I want.

Other than that, my biggest problem is going to be marketing in multiple languages as well. Again, I suppose I can get things like tweets translated, that should be a lot simpler. That is something I need to look at once the main site is completed.