A little bit about me and my life

Blogging is not something I have ever considered until now. But I’m now starting a new part of my life, a new journey, a new chapter if you will and I want to make sure that I document it for several reasons.

1. I want to make sure that my thoughts are clarified by discussing them. I thought a great way of doing that is to write blog posts. I can think about what I’m going to write, which should help me to clarify my thoughts, and I can clarify them further when I write a blog post, and then when it is published, I have something I can read back on and be held accountable to buy myself.

2. I want to document my progress on setting up a little online business so that I can look back at it for the long term. I might even print it off and make it into something I give to my kids so that they can see how my journey to hopeful success happened.

3. I want to vent and get my anger out here. That will be easier than putting my wife through the grinder when things don’t go right.

4. I want an anonymous place to discuss everything about what I’m going to do. I don’t want this blog to be linked to the online business I’m going to do, because that can be detrimental, but I want to be able to speak candidly and get things out in the open, I think that by writing a blog, I can get things off my chest and not take that frustration negatively to my customers or family.

So that’s the basic reasons for me starting this blog. As you can see, I’m a very organised person and I like to get things laid out. That’s why I think blogging could be good for me as I make progress in my plans.

In other news, my life is pretty good and I intend to counter the stress of setting up a little online business by making sure I still focus on my family life, which is very important to me. I also want to make sure that I focus on my sporting activities. I love golf and I love tennis, and I want to make sure I keep playing and watching the exports, and that I don’t start losing the passions I have in order to chase something which may start to become a negative in my life.